3 Must Have Features for your Website

Websites can have many sections and moving parts. Depending on the nature of your business some are necessary, such as a product page for an E-Commerce webstore. While some are optional, such as a blog. At WebDevBuilders we find that every website, no matter what the industry needs to have at least these 3 sections/features:


A CMS is a Content Management System and it is used to manage the content on your website. As you can imagine this is critical to the success of your website as content has to be kept up to date and maintained. CMS typically stores the information in a database which is usually stored in a cloud based server (though not always). There are many CMS systems available such as WordPress, Magento, Squarespace, etc. At WebDevBuilders we prefer to use WordPress as it is quite customizable and we can leverage our software development experience to handle any custom setups that either we or more importantly our clients require. 

High Quality Content

This is content that motivates your visitors, intrigues them and makes them stay on your website for longer. The longer a user stays on your website, the more likely they are to become a customer. High quality content includes professional images that are relevant to your products, services and branding. It also includes text that is descriptive and reflective of your message, products and services.

Contact Information

You would think this would be obvious but you would be surprised how often WebDevBuilders come across websites that have no contact information nor a contact form. If you want to sell a product, or make your services available for other companies, you need to provide some contact information or a way to contact your company on your website. Remember that a website is part of your marketing strategy and being able to contact you is very important for the vast majority of customers.


Websites can and do have more sections/features than what we have listed here. Trust us, we know, we design and develop websites. These are just what we feel are the most important sections and what you need to include for a successful website.

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