5 Reasons why your Company needs a website in 2022

There are many reasons why your company needs a website in 2022. As strange as it may sound many Irish companies operating today often have no website, an out of date website or a completely non-functioning website. All of these situations are less than ideal so if you are unconvinced as to why this is an issue, here are our top 5 Reasons as to why your company needs a functioning and well designed website in 2022:


In the modern world it is expected that your company will have a website. The term “Google it” has become synonymous with everyday business. If a potential customer, client or user goggles for your business and they can not find your website, that is an issue. You have either lost business or even worse given it to a competitor that has a website and can be found on google. Gaining a competitive advantage is difficult enough and failing to meet your users expectations can really harm your business.


Having a website allows you to control your message and your advertising as you decide the:

  • Content that is on your website
  • Images that are used
  • How to show your customers, clients or users how to use your services.

A website lets you control your message and talk directly to your customers. Brand awareness is extremely important in business and a website can really help your business to get its message out there.

Always open

Unlike a traditional brick and mortar store, or an office, a website is never closed. If you are selling directly on your website this means that you can make sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The benefit here is obvious.  

Updates and Announcements

As mentioned above, your website is always open. This means that it is easy to post updates and announcements to your customers. Keeping your customers up to date is rarely if ever a bad thing.

Customer Service

Many businesses get calls, emails, tweets and so on in regards to their business. A website can help you improve your Customer Service and reduce customer churn in many ways. For example, many simple questions can be efficiently handled via a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website. You can provide information on your brand, your products, where to buy them, etc. 

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There are many, many more reasons why a well designed website that is designed to suit your brand improves your online presence handling everything from Digital Marketing to simple Organic traffic. Websites should be a key ingredient in every business’s marketing strategy and if you, or your company do not already have a website, or one that functions correctly, we would strongly recommend that you look into it. The key to anything is taking that first step and a website is a great first step in any marketing strategy. Take that step and contact WebDevBuilders today and let’s get the conversation started.