Case Study - API Integrations

WillyGoodPrice is an online exclusive retailer that specializes in outdoor activities such as camping, boating and fishing. Primarily active in the US market, WillyGoodPrice are a family owned and operated business that aims to provide an Eco-Friendly modern shopping experience.

Challenges & Objective

WillyGoodPrice (WGP) had several objectives:

  • Streamline internal processes such as stock and order processing to free up more time each day
  • Add the same products to multiple marketplaces and ensure that price and stock information remain consistent

The overall objective was to increase revenue with their current team size and without an extensive marketing campaign.

brainstorming with team

What we did

  • Using WillyGoodPrice’s product information, we created a database with all of their product information
  • Using API integrations we created, this database can be read and updated by our other software API integrations
  • We created bridges that connect the new centralised database with WGP’s suppliers
  • When WillyGoodPrice runs out of stock for a product, our API integration will send a buy order to their suppliers which fully automates the restocking process
  • As soon as the product quantity is delivered, our API integration updates the database with the new stock and makes it available for sale again
  • This API integration also allows WGP to update their product prices on their central database and have the changes go live on their own website, and any other marketplace within moments of being changed
  • Our API integration will process all orders and send them to WGP’s warehouse team for processing
  • The only interaction that WGP’s team needs to have is to physically ship the orders
  • Our systems take care of everything else from updating the available quantity, removing live products if need be, adding shipping, adding the tracking information, etc. 
  • Everything associated with order processing, bar physically shipping them, is handled by our API integrations
  • Our API integrations as well as the centralised product database that we designed allow WGP to send the same products to multiple marketplaces
  • Our API integrations ensure that the quantity is updated when it is sold on any marketplace and ensures that everything stays consistent
  • Our knowledge of the E-commerce marketplaces was pivotal in ensuring that the same products could be used on multiple marketplaces

What was the Result?

Since we completed all of this for WillyGoodPrice, they have achieved the following:

  • WGP now sells their products on their own website and 8 other marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Rakuten, BigCommerce, Newegg)
  • Revenue has increased from a 5 to a 6 figure sum
  • Created new jobs on their warehouse team due to increased sales
  • Exapnded their operations and created a new support team 
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