Terms & Conditions

We at WebDevBuilders Ltd, have issued a few terms & conditions that need to be followed by our clients & future customers. When you agree to use our services you are legally bound to these terms & conditions.

  1. A deposit must be paid to WebDevBuilders Ltd before any website/project work commences. Regardless of the service agreed upon, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit based on the full amount before commencing work. Once the work has been completed the remainder must be paid. We are open to a payment plan if this suits your needs.
  2. Our website hosting and maintenance payments are typically paid in advance though we are open to a payment plan if needed.  Hosting and Maintenance are only cancelled via written correspondence. 
  3. No work will commence without a deposit payment.
  4. All work is property of WebDevBuilders Ltd until final payment is paid.
  5. Any extra work required that is not stated in the original brief (agreed by two parties either written or verbally) will be charged as extra work and charged at our hourly rate. This will not be included in the agreed price.
  6. Once final payment has been received then that completes our contract, under no circumstances will a refund be issued. We can not issue a refund or partial refund for any reason. Deposits are also non-refundable.
  7. If you wish to take control of your website, and edit it yourself, then we are not liable for errors occurring and these will be fixed by hourly rate.
  8. WebDevBuilders Ltd reserves the right to refuse service to any website that contains offensive, obscene, hateful, malicious content or for any other reason.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.