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Website Hosting and Maintenance

Why Website Hosting and Maintenance Matters

Website Hosting and Maintenance is the one place you do not want to cut corners. But why? Well imagine you bought a new car and you spent quite a lot of money on it.

You needed this car and it has added a lot of value to your business. 

What would happen to that car if you never locked the doors or brought it in for a service?

How long would it last? How long before you would have to buy a new one?

This is where and why Website Hosting and Maintenance is so important.

Why spend all that money on a fancy car and not bother to put the effort into keeping it safe and working?

Website Hosting

To use our example above, Website Hosting is like locking your car. You do not want anyone to break into your website and steal or damage what you own.

Website Hosting

Again to use our example above, Website Maintenance is like getting your car a service. It identities any problems before they happen and a professional fixes them. 

Dedicated Servers make the difference

When we host your website we assign your website its own dedicated server. This ensures that your website gets the resources it needs to stay live for your customers. If your website is down, no one can buy from you or contact you. 

In our experience it never hurts to use a service that give you bit extra for that piece of mind that a dedicated service gives you. This is why we offer a service that keeps your website live and working for you and for your customers.

website design
website design

How Secure is your Website?

Website Security has never been more important. If your website host does not, at a minimum enable the following security headers, or worse yet even know what they are: 

  • Strict-Transport-Security   
  • Content-Security-Policy   
  • X-Frame-Options   
  • X-Content-Type-Options   
  • Referrer-Policy   
  • Permissions Policy

then you need to find a new website host that takes your security seriously.  We enable and maintain all of these security headers for your website to ensure that your website stays live and as secure as possible.  

Do you want to check how secure your website is? You can use this free online tool to scan your website and find out. 

We offer two levels of website hosting and maintenance which are described with their associated costs below. 

All prices are exclusive of VAT. 

Website Hosting and Maintenance Costs

Gold Service

50-100* Monthly
  • Dedicated Server
  • Security Headers
  • Security Patches
  • Security Updates
  • Weekly Backup
  • Minor Design Updates**
* If you purchase a website with us, the cost is €50 per month. Otherwise this service costs €100 per month per website.
** Includes one hour of design work per month.

Platinum Service

350* Monthly
  • Dedicated Server
  • Security Headers
  • Security Patches
  • Security Updates
  • Weekly Backup
  • Full Design Updates**

* Requires a 12 month contract & not available for a Basic or Brochure website. Contact us for more details.
** Full Design updates means we will complete any design work you need each month which could include anything up to a full new website. 

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